cpd23 Thing 1

Last year I did the Cambridge 23 things and this year I am doing the Cam23 2.0 extra things (as well as being one of the organising team).  So did I need any more things in my life? I decided yes why not.  I liked the extra cpd side to some of the things on here and I thought I would take the chance to try and develop some of the things I did before.  I started this by deciding to try out wordpress for my cpd23 things, rather than blogger which I used last time for my 23 things ventured and will continue to use for my “extra” Cam23 things.

So here is my first post on wordpress.  I did not find it as easy as blogger (complicated by the fact that I found I had already made an attempt to set up a blog that I had forgotten about!) but I will see how it goes.  My reason for trying the cpd23 things programme is because it is a great chance to reflect on my position and my library skills.  I am currently a librarian and have been since I qualified at Aberystwyth in 1994 – was it really that long ago??? I started in systems, moved on to reader services and now I manage a specialist subject library.  I try to keep update with changes in the profession and outside and I am an active member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP).  In fact I thought this programme would be useful for me in my attempts to revalidate my chartership (or perhaps even go for Fellowship??).

As for the blog name at the Cam23 2.0 launch in Cambridge, the rep from  our sponsors, Proquest, said in response to people worrying about what to call their blog should just look around and randomly choose something nearby like stacked chairs. So I did this and as I was in my coffee break I saw my “body in the library” mug and thought I would use that. Appropriate as I am a body in a library and I also love crime fiction (especially involving murders in libraries although that is no reflection of my thoughts towards the readers in my library, honestly).

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