cpd23 thing 5 : Reflecting

Thing 5 is on reflective practice.  Something I should do more on but  as the blog said it is finding the time.  I have been meaning to revalidate my chartership for about 3 years now and, while I have a big bag of stuff and an online diary and cpd chart, I never seem to sit down and just get on with it.  As people have said blogging is a good way to reflect on what you do and I really ought to do that (still trying to find the time to blog about some of the really interesting sessions I went to at Umbrella11.

I also find it much easier to reflect on things that have gone very well or very bad. It is harder in the middle of the road where more thought is needed to extract the useful information and put it into practice.  Obviously the 23things programmes are all about reflection and it is just a matter of extending that to other areas of work and setting aside some time to reflect properly.  I suppose it is one of those management things where we are all doing it but just not labelling it.

So in order to achieve revalidation of my chartership I have come up with a plan of action.

Will it last though?  Fortunately tonight my v+ has saved me as I am recording the repeat of Sherlock while attending the cpd23 networking event.   Then I must make sure that I reflect on that event before watching it!

Benedict Cumberbatch in BBC Sherlock Series


Gratuitous shot of Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock just for librarywanderer! Or something for us all to reflect on …


About Lettylib

A Cambridge Librarian running a subject-specific research library, who also enjoys crime fiction.
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2 Responses to cpd23 thing 5 : Reflecting

  1. Ah but surely it is while watching trashy television and pondering over crime novels that you will receive that spark of inspiration which then allows you to put all the middling sort of practice into perspective?

  2. Ooh, are there repeats on atm? Didn’t realise! And too true about the ‘eh, it was OK’ stuff being the hardest to reflect on.

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