cpd23 Thing 4 : Keeping up-to-date

Thing 4, trying to catch up and I have a head start as I am on twitter as @lettylib. I go through phases of following twitter quite avidly and then ignoring it for weeks – I do not miss it but when I go back I always seem to find a useful link to something and then start becoming addicted again.  It is like a favourite food where I overdose and then never want to touch it again until a few months later when I fancy it again (although I have never eaten another Paprika pringle after a holiday in Portugal back in the late 90s – can you even get Paprika flavour anymore??).  Perhaps cpd23 will get me back into twitter.  Certainly liking the new tweetdeck although as soon as I downloaded it on my PC, I got stuck on the issue desk computer and not been back!

RSS feeds are something I have failed to get to grips with. No problem subscribing to them either via a browser or in google reader. But then I never go onto them to check what is happening.  I know quite a few sites let you subscribe via email to them and maybe this would suit me better although I don’t particularly want my inbox inundated. Perhaps once a week I need to remember to check my rss feeds and get into a routine.

Pushnote I had not tried before and I have now registered for it.  Not sure of its usefulness but if Stephen Fry likes it …! I will reserve judgement on that one.


About Lettylib

A Cambridge Librarian running a subject-specific research library, who also enjoys crime fiction.
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