cpd23 Thing 3 : Branded with a L

This thing does require alot of thought and is an interesting topic.  As most of my internet presence came from a 23 things programme last year it wasn’t really that thought out.  I checked out my twitter page, facebook page, linkedin and other blog and there was not much consistency.  I had used one of 2 images – either my total eclipse picture or me at St David’s in Wales.  Although I think this was due to them being the pictures I had available on my pc when I created those pages! On twitter I am @lettylib, a mixture of a nickname and my role – I am called by some of my non-librarian friends as “Lyn the Librarian”, good alliteration and brands me with the L word.  In ancient times and not so ancient various criminals and slaves were branded to show what they had done or who owned them.  Imagine if we were all branded with our professions – would you go for L, IP, KM. The list would be endless.

I also googled myself and our Faculty website comes first and my name has been on it a long time now.  I was slightly irritated that google queried whether I really wanted to search for “lynn” with a double nn as if I couldn’t spell my own name!  My twitter presence was also listed but not my blogs as they didn’t have my name on them. Other Lyn’s inlcuded the daughter of a Navaho Indian, an artist and a line dancer while y full name Lynette was the daughter of a woman who had a baby with her grandson!  Reminded me of the  Friends episode, The one with the Fake Monica, where the person who stole her identity is having a more fun life than Monica is.  Although I have no plans for babies with blood relatives!

It did make me realise that I should put my name on the blog although whether it is a personal or a professional presence is not clear.  As others have said, I tend to mix the two up to a certain extent.


About Lettylib

A Cambridge Librarian running a subject-specific research library, who also enjoys crime fiction.
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