cpd23 Thing 2: investigate – time for Miss Marple

Joan Hickson in a Caribbean Mystery

Okay thing 2 was posted in June and now it is July! Where did the time go? But I am not going to worry about my tardiness but just push on.   I can’t even blame the cam23 2.0 programme as only blogged one extra thing there as well.

Putting on my Miss Marple tweed and picking up my knitting I am off to investigate some other blogs for the cpd23 things programme.

Now 700 to choose from so I needed to reduce the suspect list.   I work in the HE section so thought I would filter the list by HE.  But then I would be restricting myself to similar libraries. So instead I filtered by School libraries. After all it is from the schools that our main user group comes from.

There were some great titles out there but quite a few that I clicked on were blogging away but not about cpd23.  So a new tactic was required.  I thought I would try filtering by some of the more unusual letters and then some of the other sectors.

Here are some of the blogs I liked:

http://zomglibrarythings.blogspot.com/ – great look, very lively, eye catching and made me feel better about only being on Thing 2.

http://presocraticatomist.blogspot.com/ – title caught my eye, love to know why the name, and then a reference to Penelope Pitstop so can’t be bad.

http://disconnectedlibrarian.blogspot.com/ – liked the name and a thoughtful blog on the things so far from a corporate librarian.

http://fegwefew.blogspot.com/ – Books2go, now in New Zealand.

http://randomacquisitions.blogspot.com/ – still in New Zealand I liked the name of this one and the look of the blog.

http://variegatedstacks.wordpress.com/ – again I went for the name- Am I seeing a pattern here?

So to conclude my investigation. Some great blogs out there. I have started to follow some but I may chop and change for variety – if wordpress has not driven me nuts! I tried to put a second image in but it insisted on putting it at the top next to the other one. So gave up. Obviously need to spend more time getting to grips with wordpress.


About Lettylib

A Cambridge Librarian running a subject-specific research library, who also enjoys crime fiction.
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